Katherine Lynn Fitness – Spring Slim Down & Sculpt

Slim down, shape up, feel great

Are you looking in the mirror and realizing you’re not where you hoped you’d be in 2017? Or maybe your fitness routine and eating habits need a jumpstart.

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and if you’ve fallen off the wagon, this program will get you on the right track and help you see some serious changes in your body composition without obsession, stress, or dietary restriction.

Together, we’ll build a personalized training and nutrition plan that fits into your busy schedule.

Who’s Spring Slim Down & Sculpt for?

  • This program is for anyone who’s ready to jumpstart their fitness this spring.
  • It is for those women who want to lose body fat, tone up, or lean out.
  • This effective program is designed for super busy women, with limited time to devote to their fitness.

What do you get in Spring Slim Down & Sculpt?

  • 5 metabolic workouts per week. Each workout (30 minutes or less!!) is specifically designed to maximize your workout afterburn, keeping your metabolism revved all day long
  • Practical and applicable nutrition strategies to help you slim down in 4 weeks
  • Weekly LIVE troubleshooting sessions to keep you accountable and help you bust through your nutrition or fitness roadblocks
  • Daily workout check-ins, tips, support, and motivation from your trainer (that’s me!)

From previous boot camper, Jennifer: It was so much fun and really energized me! I totally didn’t want to work out last night, but I have gotten into a good groove through the boot camp so I crushed a good workout!”

I’m only accepting 15 women into this exclusive program. I will not be offering this bootcamp again until 2018, so if you’re interested, get on the waitlist NOW!

If you would like more information, fill out the form below or send me an email.