Work your full body with nothing but a loop resistance band.

Wednesday WOD: work [in] resistance band exercises

Hi, my friends! I am pretty excited for today’s Wednesday WOD because it’s using one of my favorite exercise implements, the mini loop resistance band! So, you can only imagine my excitement when The Work [In] reached out to me about a collaboration.


I absolutely love using mini loop bands to warm up and work out (in?) while traveling. They’re so perfectly portable, so I always take them with me when flying back to California. Mini loop resistance bands are also amazing for mobility work. In fact, they were central to my recovery as a distance runner. Before EVERY running workout, I will warm up and do some glute activation using mini loop resistance bands.

When they sent me the resistance bands, I was very impressed at the quality. At first touch, they didn’t feel flimsy at all. But, what really impressed me was that the loop bands did not bunch up at all while working out. I have another set of bands at home that work pretty well, but they roll up while doing an exercise as simple as lateral band walks (walking from left to right with the bands around my ankles). The Work[In] bands stay up, even while doing a plyometric move, like a jumping jack. So, I was inspired to create this workout!

This Wednesday WOD focuses on metabolic strength, so we will be going through a series of seven exercises, 15-20 reps per exercise, for at least 3 rounds through.

This is a fantastic workout to try while you’re traveling. To make it a longer, more challenging workout, add rounds of cardio between each strength move. You could throw in 50 skips (on a jump rope) or 10 burpees between each strength move. This will bring the workout to about thirty minutes.

Work your full body with nothing but a loop resistance band.

Alternatively, you could tack 1-3 rounds of this workout onto a cardio/conditioning training days as a finisher.

Let me know if you try it!

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Happy sweating!

Do you use resistance bands in your workouts?

The Work[In] provided me with the equipment in this workout but all opinions are my own.

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