Core and glute activation warm up workout

Hey friends! How’s your Friday going?! I’ve got a fun but busy weekend ahead, including a night out with friends and volunteering at our local Pit Bull Awareness Day.

However, today in blogland, I’m tackling another reader request. The reader asked for a core workout that’s safe for folks with¬†diastasis recti (or abdominal separation). So, I’m sharing a core and glute activation workout for you to try this weekend!

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Although I love athletics, working out, and lifting weights, but I am NOT all for youth athletics. Here's why.

A personal trainer’s case against youth athletics

I’ll never forget ninth grade P.E. as my introduction to youth athletics. For an entire semester, we cycled through team sports, covering one per week. Basketball, badminton, base(soft)ball, soccer, track & field, and volleyball. This was, and is, my hell.

One afternoon during¬†our volleyball unit, I cowered near the back corner of the court, desperately hoping that the ball would not smack me in the head. Another freshman on the other side of the net served the ball. I watched it sail towards me and positioned my arms to hit the ball but a wave of fear washed over me. I stepped out of the ball’s path.

Before I knew what happened, the P.E. teacher/coach was in my face, yelling “EDGECUMBE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU SCARED OF THE BALL?”

I looked back at him. “Well, YES. I am.”

And there ended my experience with team sports.

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